Holiday Homes in Caloundra | A Home Away from Home


2016 has been estimated to be a highly prospective year for holiday home business in the Sunshine Coast by the Australian Property Monitors. Since the demand for properties in this region is on an ever growing trend, the craze for holiday homes is also on the hike. Moreover, the trend has been traced for holiday homes Caloundra wide as well. Since it is a great way to earn income as well as get quick returns from your investment on a property, holiday home renting is becoming a popular culture among the coastal regions of Queensland, Victoria, and Central Coast, etc. Moreover, according to the real estate critics and economists, the Sunshine Coast has emerged as a lucrative investment for those who are giving a thought to property renting or holiday home renting.

 Tax Benefits on Holiday Home Renting

If you are thinking of renting your property for holiday accommodation Sunshine Coast tourists prefer, you can bet on bagging a greater income scope compared with other rental businesses. Since touring is the most prosperous trend in this region and tourists look for home-like accommodations, you can easily earn high amounts within a short period, which is not possible in annual rental patterns. This at the end of the year helps you to manage your tax dues too.

·        Besides you can expect to grab almost 100% of Capital Allowances as well for the initial 250,000 pound of capital investment you make to establish a well-furnished holiday home.

·        Apart from this, a furnished property like this can also have the advantage of capital gains tax relief if you think of selling the property in the future.

Encouraging Local Economy

Initiating a holiday home business means encouraging the local business around your property as well. Well, as per social norms, accommodation in any place leads to need for basic utilities, market facilities, requirements for shopping, luxury items, food, etc., which means the tourists who will reside in holiday homes will utilize the necessary resources around the region. Moreover, during peak holiday specials Sunshine Coast season, the tourists increase, leading to a huge economic boost in the entire region.

Complete Personalized Ambience

The holiday homes Caloundra market has today are undoubtedly one of the best options as tourists are always looking for calm and quiet stay in the lap of nature. The pristine beauty of nature, a personal home like Sunshine Coast holiday accommodation with your family gives you complete personal space. Enjoy the entire apartment or house as your personal property for the duration. Those who like to be themselves, and enjoy the quintessential feel of personal stay, like to avoid the crowded hotels in the tourism seasons. Holiday homes tend to be the opposite in this respect from hotels. Stay as you like, and let your vacation be a true escape from the maddening crowd of the city or luxury hotels.

You can make sure that your vacation is hassle free, therefore you can book your holiday homes Caloundra offers in advance. You can even arrange for pick up and drop facilities from the transit point with the authorities. Thus, all you need to do is spend your vacation in just another home away from home.

Easy Planning with Sports Event Packages


Sports travel is a fun way to unwind while enjoying your favourite sports. Golf is one of the sports that takes fans all over the world. Tournaments are held in different locations. The Masters Tournament, which is in the first week of April, is usually in the USA. Planning a tour to such a sports event can be cumbersome. A sports tour is slightly different from your average trip. Getting all the logistics right can be challenging. Hiring a professional to cater to your golf tour plans is the best course of action. One of the benefits you get is the availability of USA golf packages. Sport events deals have their advantages when planning a trip.

All Planned Out

Firstly, a sports travel package handles all the hassle that comes with organising for such an event. Imagine planning for the 2017 US Masters and trying to get everything in place. You have to book hotels and flights, find out about where the different events will be and so on. With a travel company handling all that, you can relax and just wait for the day of the event. Depending on the package, you can have most of the important details out of the way.

Choice Variety

US Masters golf packages vary on a broad scale to suit different budgets. If you are worried about spending too much, you can find a package that suits your pocket. These deals are also money savers in more ways than one, bundling everything in one package is less costly than having to pay for every single service individually.  With an event like the Masters, a lot of prices go up. The thing is that travel companies already have flight and hotel rooms booked early before prices hike. Buying in bulk also means discount costs. As the client, you benefit from these particularly if you buy a package early. The products included in USA golf packages will also dictate the most suitable one for you. For instance, you may get a package that is inclusive of flights or not. Or you may want a package for your entire family. You can even negotiate with a travel company for a bespoke package.

Time Saving

Purchasing specific golf packages saves you a lot of time. When planning such an event, you want accommodation that is close to the event location. The US Masters, for example, is at the Augusta National Golf Club. Of course, you will want to play a few rounds of golf, which means availability of a golf course. Such details may be hard to nail when doing the planning yourself. A professional sports travel company knows the best accommodation and US Masters Tickets to book for such an  event. If you want to engage in other events, then they can arrange for that as well. You don’t have to call each and every company to book and make arrangements, which can be tedious.Keith Prowse Travel

Guaranteed Quality

The quality of service is another reason to get USA golf packages for your travel plans. Travel companies that have years of experience know the best service providers in the industry. They know the best airlines, hotels, and golf courses among others. Travel operators take the time to evaluate all the players and ensure that clients get the best so they keep coming back. It is impossible for an individual to guarantee the same level of quality especially if you are a first-timer.