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Have Your Dream Eco-Friendly Wedding with These Tips

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The type of venue you choose will set the tone and theme of any occasion. If you and your spouse are planning to have an eco-friendly wedding, one of the best ways to pull this off is to choose outdoor wedding reception venues. You can cut costs on energy by taking advantage of natural sunlight.

There are lots of beautiful gardens, hilltops, spacious front lawns or shaded gazebos that offer modern conveniences. You can enjoy getting hitched outdoors without sacrificing on the hygiene. Below are ideas to make any eco-friendly wedding reception venues truly memorable:

  • Use Recycled Products. When sending out invites for your wedding, you can ask recycled paper from your friends or relatives. You can personalise those leftover scraps to help save the environment. You can also reuse party essentials like ribbons and laces to add a pop of colour and charm to your venue.
  • Go Digital. If you really want to save on cost, you can send invites through email or through a website so your guests can just print the invites and directions to the venue on their own. They can also respond to RSVPs online. To be more economical, create a digital wedding portfolio that your guests can view online. No need to send them a hard copy of their photos when they can have the freedom to print them or store the digital files too.
  • Reduce the Need for Travel. As much as you want to impress your guests with the venue of your choice, it would not be practical for everyone if they have to travel too far just to get there. You can choose wedding ceremony and reception venues in one location. It would also be great if the venue also provides accommodation for you and your guests. This will be more convenient and your guests will appreciate you for thinking about their comfort.
  • Use Biodegradable Materials. You can opt for green, renewable and biodegradable materials such as bamboo, hemp, sugar cane or even recycled fibres to use with your decors. Coconut leaves are great examples. They can be made into bowl or vases for flowers or centrepieces. With creativity and ingenuity, you can definitely use natural materials to have a budget wedding venue decoration. You can also educate your guests that you are using biodegradable boxes for your wedding favours. You can also opt for plantable flower blooms to remind your guests of your special day.
  • Shop Local. You can buy flowers from a local farm or gardener. If you have friends who are creative, you can ask for their help in arranging flowers in vases or Mason jars you collected over the years. It would be best if you use flowers from your own garden planted in advance for this occasion. You can turn an ordinary venue into the best wedding reception function venues just by adding fresh flowers and local products placed in strategic places.

The abovementioned tips are just a few ideas you can try if you want to have an eco-friendly wedding. When looking for venues for a wedding reception in Dandenongs, you can try visiting sites like for more details.