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8 Fun Things You Can Do in Noosa

8 Fun Things You Can Do in Noosa

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Many tourists and locals alike are drawn to the idyllic views and exciting activities on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. One resort area, in particular, is always worth a visit, though it is a tad underrated—its name is Noosa. It can get more crowded than usual during the weekends and bank holidays, but you should still have no problem finding some good accommodation Sunshine Beach has around. Also, there’s a fair share of family-friendly or adrenaline-pumping adventures you can do there including the following:

Strolling through Noosa National Park

The national park is only a short walk from Noosa Main Beach, so you should have no trouble getting to it from your luxury Noosa accommodation. It offers coves and walking trails for you to explore along with smaller beaches perfect for swimming and surfing.

Riding the waves

No Australian holiday would be complete without some surfing. If you have the money to spend, you can book a Learn to Surf tour. Backpackers with a limited budget can take advantage of the body boards at the reception desk at Nomads Noosa.

Visiting the public markets

If you’re on the hunt for hand-made items, home-baked goods, or fresh local produce, look no further than the amazing markets in the area. Maybe you can grab some lunch there, or you can bring back some ingredients to your accommodation Sunshine Beach has offered you.

Going on a bike ride

Do you know how to ride a bicycle? Then, go on an adventure on one of the many trails around the area. You can follow the coast from Coolum to Noosa Heads if you want to immerse yourself in some beautiful scenery. Many places offer bikes for rent so just ask.

Grabbing a bite of the local cuisine

Noosa is said to be home to some of the tastiest, freshest, and cheapest food in Australia. As previously mentioned, you can find some at the public markets. You should also have no trouble locating good restaurants near the Noosa luxury accommodation beachfront place you’re at.

Checking out Australia Zoo

With lots of things to see and do here, one day may not be enough for it all. Definite must-visits include the Crocoseum which has been made famous by the late Steve Irwin. The Tiger Temple, Koala Walkthrough, and African Savannah are also worth seeing.

Driving up to Laguna Lookout

For a bird’s-eye view of the area, there is no better place than this. The site itself is simple but it’s the perfect venue for panoramic photos and even romantic proposals. It’s also not that far off from whichever luxury accommodation Noosa Heads has you may have booked.

Riding a horse on the beach

When just looking or petting animals isn’t enough for you, why not ride a mighty steed and frolic on the coast? Equathon is the company to contact for this experience and they offer plenty of options. You can go on a 7-day bush and beach tour or even a 1-hour private beach tour.

There are plenty of amazing things to do when you’re in Noosa so don’t hesitate to book accommodation Sunshine Beach has around today. Richardson & Wrench Noosa Holidays have a nice selection of beachfront, waterfront, and non-waterfront units to suit your budget and needs.

7 Most Sentimental Factors To Consider For A Perfect Wedding

7 Most Sentimental Factors To Consider For A Perfect Wedding

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So after a long struggle of waiting for the right opportunity to propose to your girl, you have finally got a YES! This is really a very special moment to show to the world how much you love your partner. Planning a wedding is like making the cover of the album of your life. This day also means a lot to your parents as they now know that you would be stepping into a new world altogether. Booking a wedding ballroom Pattaya has is one of the trendy and classy choices to make a lavish wedding.

Below are a few sentimental factors to help you express your love and excitement for your wedding:

1.      Parents` blessings are the most special wedding gift that you may receive. As a thanksgiving to your parents, you may wear your mom’s wedding dress, make a scarf from the dress piece or simply make a cloth bracelet. This will surely bring the most sentimental emotions out of your mother to see her daughter getting married.

2.      Finding the location where the wedding would take place is a tough decision to make. Several factors; such as the number of guests to accommodate, the ambience, distance from the church or residence need to be considered. The most important thing to focus is how special you want the decoration of wedding hall to be.

3.      The best thing to do is to involve your partner to know how she would like the wedding hall to be. Every girl dreams of a prince since her teen age and cannot resist the idea that the wedding ballroom Pattaya hotels offer for these occasions. It just feels like a fairy tale.

4.      Ask your wedding planner to recreate your parents` wedding album and substitute a few pictures with some of your wedding photos. This is surely going to be cherished by your parents forever. You may twist the background color and scenes, as well, to add to your wedding memories.

5.      Once the bride is all ready for the wedding vows, blindfold her and let her have the first look of her parents, right in front of her. This is something that cannot be described by either of the parties.

6.      Take some of your dad’s old shirts and stitch them to handkerchiefs. Customize these handkerchiefs with your thanksgiving messages to your parents. You may also follow the same idea with your partner as a wedding gift by using some of her childhood clothes taken from your in laws.

7.      Gather your grandparents for the wedding. Let them feel the pride of raising their children as well as raising their children’s children. This day will not be repeated, but will stay forever in everyone’s memories. The idea of a wedding ballroom Pattaya  planner works great to pay a tribute to all those people who have made it possible for you to see the partner of a lifetime.

Feel free to explore the web and find out more themed ideas of a perfect wedding.

Holiday Homes in Caloundra | A Home Away from Home


2016 has been estimated to be a highly prospective year for holiday home business in the Sunshine Coast by the Australian Property Monitors. Since the demand for properties in this region is on an ever growing trend, the craze for holiday homes is also on the hike. Moreover, the trend has been traced for holiday homes Caloundra wide as well. Since it is a great way to earn income as well as get quick returns from your investment on a property, holiday home renting is becoming a popular culture among the coastal regions of Queensland, Victoria, and Central Coast, etc. Moreover, according to the real estate critics and economists, the Sunshine Coast has emerged as a lucrative investment for those who are giving a thought to property renting or holiday home renting.

 Tax Benefits on Holiday Home Renting

If you are thinking of renting your property for holiday accommodation Sunshine Coast tourists prefer, you can bet on bagging a greater income scope compared with other rental businesses. Since touring is the most prosperous trend in this region and tourists look for home-like accommodations, you can easily earn high amounts within a short period, which is not possible in annual rental patterns. This at the end of the year helps you to manage your tax dues too.

·        Besides you can expect to grab almost 100% of Capital Allowances as well for the initial 250,000 pound of capital investment you make to establish a well-furnished holiday home.

·        Apart from this, a furnished property like this can also have the advantage of capital gains tax relief if you think of selling the property in the future.

Encouraging Local Economy

Initiating a holiday home business means encouraging the local business around your property as well. Well, as per social norms, accommodation in any place leads to need for basic utilities, market facilities, requirements for shopping, luxury items, food, etc., which means the tourists who will reside in holiday homes will utilize the necessary resources around the region. Moreover, during peak holiday specials Sunshine Coast season, the tourists increase, leading to a huge economic boost in the entire region.

Complete Personalized Ambience

The holiday homes Caloundra market has today are undoubtedly one of the best options as tourists are always looking for calm and quiet stay in the lap of nature. The pristine beauty of nature, a personal home like Sunshine Coast holiday accommodation with your family gives you complete personal space. Enjoy the entire apartment or house as your personal property for the duration. Those who like to be themselves, and enjoy the quintessential feel of personal stay, like to avoid the crowded hotels in the tourism seasons. Holiday homes tend to be the opposite in this respect from hotels. Stay as you like, and let your vacation be a true escape from the maddening crowd of the city or luxury hotels.

You can make sure that your vacation is hassle free, therefore you can book your holiday homes Caloundra offers in advance. You can even arrange for pick up and drop facilities from the transit point with the authorities. Thus, all you need to do is spend your vacation in just another home away from home.

Easy Planning with Sports Event Packages


Sports travel is a fun way to unwind while enjoying your favourite sports. Golf is one of the sports that takes fans all over the world. Tournaments are held in different locations. The Masters Tournament, which is in the first week of April, is usually in the USA. Planning a tour to such a sports event can be cumbersome. A sports tour is slightly different from your average trip. Getting all the logistics right can be challenging. Hiring a professional to cater to your golf tour plans is the best course of action. One of the benefits you get is the availability of USA golf packages. Sport events deals have their advantages when planning a trip.

All Planned Out

Firstly, a sports travel package handles all the hassle that comes with organising for such an event. Imagine planning for the 2017 US Masters and trying to get everything in place. You have to book hotels and flights, find out about where the different events will be and so on. With a travel company handling all that, you can relax and just wait for the day of the event. Depending on the package, you can have most of the important details out of the way.

Choice Variety

US Masters golf packages vary on a broad scale to suit different budgets. If you are worried about spending too much, you can find a package that suits your pocket. These deals are also money savers in more ways than one, bundling everything in one package is less costly than having to pay for every single service individually.  With an event like the Masters, a lot of prices go up. The thing is that travel companies already have flight and hotel rooms booked early before prices hike. Buying in bulk also means discount costs. As the client, you benefit from these particularly if you buy a package early. The products included in USA golf packages will also dictate the most suitable one for you. For instance, you may get a package that is inclusive of flights or not. Or you may want a package for your entire family. You can even negotiate with a travel company for a bespoke package.

Time Saving

Purchasing specific golf packages saves you a lot of time. When planning such an event, you want accommodation that is close to the event location. The US Masters, for example, is at the Augusta National Golf Club. Of course, you will want to play a few rounds of golf, which means availability of a golf course. Such details may be hard to nail when doing the planning yourself. A professional sports travel company knows the best accommodation and US Masters Tickets to book for such an  event. If you want to engage in other events, then they can arrange for that as well. You don’t have to call each and every company to book and make arrangements, which can be tedious.Keith Prowse Travel

Guaranteed Quality

The quality of service is another reason to get USA golf packages for your travel plans. Travel companies that have years of experience know the best service providers in the industry. They know the best airlines, hotels, and golf courses among others. Travel operators take the time to evaluate all the players and ensure that clients get the best so they keep coming back. It is impossible for an individual to guarantee the same level of quality especially if you are a first-timer.

Have Your Dream Eco-Friendly Wedding with These Tips

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The type of venue you choose will set the tone and theme of any occasion. If you and your spouse are planning to have an eco-friendly wedding, one of the best ways to pull this off is to choose outdoor wedding reception venues. You can cut costs on energy by taking advantage of natural sunlight.

There are lots of beautiful gardens, hilltops, spacious front lawns or shaded gazebos that offer modern conveniences. You can enjoy getting hitched outdoors without sacrificing on the hygiene. Below are ideas to make any eco-friendly wedding reception venues truly memorable:

  • Use Recycled Products. When sending out invites for your wedding, you can ask recycled paper from your friends or relatives. You can personalise those leftover scraps to help save the environment. You can also reuse party essentials like ribbons and laces to add a pop of colour and charm to your venue.
  • Go Digital. If you really want to save on cost, you can send invites through email or through a website so your guests can just print the invites and directions to the venue on their own. They can also respond to RSVPs online. To be more economical, create a digital wedding portfolio that your guests can view online. No need to send them a hard copy of their photos when they can have the freedom to print them or store the digital files too.
  • Reduce the Need for Travel. As much as you want to impress your guests with the venue of your choice, it would not be practical for everyone if they have to travel too far just to get there. You can choose wedding ceremony and reception venues in one location. It would also be great if the venue also provides accommodation for you and your guests. This will be more convenient and your guests will appreciate you for thinking about their comfort.
  • Use Biodegradable Materials. You can opt for green, renewable and biodegradable materials such as bamboo, hemp, sugar cane or even recycled fibres to use with your decors. Coconut leaves are great examples. They can be made into bowl or vases for flowers or centrepieces. With creativity and ingenuity, you can definitely use natural materials to have a budget wedding venue decoration. You can also educate your guests that you are using biodegradable boxes for your wedding favours. You can also opt for plantable flower blooms to remind your guests of your special day.
  • Shop Local. You can buy flowers from a local farm or gardener. If you have friends who are creative, you can ask for their help in arranging flowers in vases or Mason jars you collected over the years. It would be best if you use flowers from your own garden planted in advance for this occasion. You can turn an ordinary venue into the best wedding reception function venues just by adding fresh flowers and local products placed in strategic places.

The abovementioned tips are just a few ideas you can try if you want to have an eco-friendly wedding. When looking for venues for a wedding reception in Dandenongs, you can try visiting sites like for more details.

Does a Doctor’s Gender Matter?

Health & Beauty

Do female patients prefer male or female doctors? What about the preference of male patients?

When it comes to primary care, studies show that physician gender and patient gender matters. This is especially true for sexual health care where genital and rectal examinations are carried out. Preferences, however, still depend on the patient. Some wouldn’t care about the gender for as long as the services provided are excellent.

This means doctors North Brisbane clinics and facilities have can be male or female and a patient will be fine with either provided that care management is personal and delivered with excellent bedside manner.

Role of gender in patient-doctor relationship

Studies done over the years showed that gender in patient-doctor relationship is important and may have an influence on a patient’s preference.

A study conducted by Swiss and American researchers revealed that male and female patients evaluate a physician’s display of concern differently.

  • Male patients couldn’t care less about a physician’s gender and communication style and will be content with either male or female physicians.
  • Female patients are more specific in their doctor’s assessment and are most satisfied with female doctors who are extremely reassuring and express empathy and concern.
  • Women patients prefer male doctors to show less sympathy and any overt displays of caring is cause for dissatisfaction.

Importance of being able to relate

More important than physician gender, however, is how a patient relates to their physicians, whether they North Brisbane doctors or from other locations, resulting in trust between doctors and patients.

According to the lead author of a 2009 study published in The Journal of Women’s Health, Dr. Klea D. Bertakis, “You can’t necessarily say that women are better doctors. It’s a matter of gender behaviour in the course of an encounter. Patients, as well as physicians, are bringing specific backgrounds and experiences to that encounter; and we need to be aware of that.”

It is safe to say that the role of gender in a patient-doctor relationship is based on several factors. So, regardless of gender, a patient is better off choosing a doctor or general practitioner based on their performance and overall characteristics. Just visit us at SmartClinics

How to choose a good doctor

Someone who listens

80% of diagnosis made are often based on listening to a patient’s story alone, according to research. For as long as a patient is honest with their doctors, better care can be provided. This is why it is important that your doctor makes an effort to hear you out and learn more about you. If they don’t, consult with someone else.

Someone who views a patient as a partner

These days doctors, don’t just tell their patients what to do but also treat them as an equal partner in their care. A doctor who actively involves a patient in every step of the treatment and every decision that needs to be made is an excellent choice.

Someone who is willing to ask for help

It may seem scary that your doctor would tell you they don’t know everything. But this doesn’t mean they are incompetent, only that they know someone else has better information on diagnostics and treatments. You should trust in their abilities and humility.

Someone available when the need arises

No doctor is available to a single patient 24/7. But a good physician will tell you how you can get in touch with them if and when necessary. You should get a better grasp of your follow up plan, any information about signs and symptoms that you should watch out for, and what you should do when worse things happen.

Most importantly, you should feel comfortable with your doctor, whether they are one of the male or female doctors. This is the only way you will be comfortable to share information that is critical to your care. Find a physician you can trust today from Smart Clinics. For more information, visit their website at:


8 Fun Things You Can Do in Noosa

8 Fun Things You Can Do in Noosa

Many tourists and locals alike are drawn to the idyllic views and exciting activities on the Sunshine Coast in Australia...
7 Most Sentimental Factors To Consider For A Perfect Wedding

7 Most Sentimental Factors To Consider For A Perfect Wedding

So after a long struggle of waiting for the right opportunity to propose to your girl, you have finally got a YES! This ...