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Have Your Dream Eco-Friendly Wedding with These Tips

The type of venue you choose will set the tone and theme of any occasion. If you and your spouse are planning to have an eco-friendly wedding, one of the best ways to pull this off is to choose outdoor wedding reception venues. You can cut costs on energy by taking advantage of natural sunlight.

There are lots of beautiful gardens, hilltops, spacious front lawns or shaded gazebos that offer modern conveniences. You can enjoy getting hitched outdoors without sacrificing on the hygiene. Below are ideas to make any eco-friendly wedding reception venues truly memorable:

  • Use Recycled Products. When sending out invites for your wedding, you can ask recycled paper from your friends or relatives. You can personalise those leftover scraps to help save the environment. You can also reuse party essentials like ribbons and laces to add a pop of colour and charm to your venue.
  • Go Digital. If you really want to save on cost, you can send invites through email or through a website so your guests can just print the invites and directions to the venue on their own. They can also respond to RSVPs online. To be more economical, create a digital wedding portfolio that your guests can view online. No need to send them a hard copy of their photos when they can have the freedom to print them or store the digital files too.
  • Reduce the Need for Travel. As much as you want to impress your guests with the venue of your choice, it would not be practical for everyone if they have to travel too far just to get there. You can choose wedding ceremony and reception venues in one location. It would also be great if the venue also provides accommodation for you and your guests. This will be more convenient and your guests will appreciate you for thinking about their comfort.
  • Use Biodegradable Materials. You can opt for green, renewable and biodegradable materials such as bamboo, hemp, sugar cane or even recycled fibres to use with your decors. Coconut leaves are great examples. They can be made into bowl or vases for flowers or centrepieces. With creativity and ingenuity, you can definitely use natural materials to have a budget wedding venue decoration. You can also educate your guests that you are using biodegradable boxes for your wedding favours. You can also opt for plantable flower blooms to remind your guests of your special day.
  • Shop Local. You can buy flowers from a local farm or gardener. If you have friends who are creative, you can ask for their help in arranging flowers in vases or Mason jars you collected over the years. It would be best if you use flowers from your own garden planted in advance for this occasion. You can turn an ordinary venue into the best wedding reception function venues just by adding fresh flowers and local products placed in strategic places.

The abovementioned tips are just a few ideas you can try if you want to have an eco-friendly wedding. When looking for venues for a wedding reception in Dandenongs, you can try visiting sites like for more details.

May 1, 2018 author

Does a Doctor’s Gender Matter?

Do female patients prefer male or female doctors? What about the preference of male patients?

When it comes to primary care, studies show that physician gender and patient gender matters. This is especially true for sexual health care where genital and rectal examinations are carried out. Preferences, however, still depend on the patient. Some wouldn’t care about the gender for as long as the services provided are excellent.

This means doctors North Brisbane clinics and facilities have can be male or female and a patient will be fine with either provided that care management is personal and delivered with excellent bedside manner.

Role of gender in patient-doctor relationship

Studies done over the years showed that gender in patient-doctor relationship is important and may have an influence on a patient’s preference.

A study conducted by Swiss and American researchers revealed that male and female patients evaluate a physician’s display of concern differently.

  • Male patients couldn’t care less about a physician’s gender and communication style and will be content with either male or female physicians.
  • Female patients are more specific in their doctor’s assessment and are most satisfied with female doctors who are extremely reassuring and express empathy and concern.
  • Women patients prefer male doctors to show less sympathy and any overt displays of caring is cause for dissatisfaction.

Importance of being able to relate

More important than physician gender, however, is how a patient relates to their physicians, whether they North Brisbane doctors or from other locations, resulting in trust between doctors and patients.

According to the lead author of a 2009 study published in The Journal of Women’s Health, Dr. Klea D. Bertakis, “You can’t necessarily say that women are better doctors. It’s a matter of gender behaviour in the course of an encounter. Patients, as well as physicians, are bringing specific backgrounds and experiences to that encounter; and we need to be aware of that.”

It is safe to say that the role of gender in a patient-doctor relationship is based on several factors. So, regardless of gender, a patient is better off choosing a doctor or general practitioner based on their performance and overall characteristics. Just visit us at SmartClinics

How to choose a good doctor

Someone who listens

80% of diagnosis made are often based on listening to a patient’s story alone, according to research. For as long as a patient is honest with their doctors, better care can be provided. This is why it is important that your doctor makes an effort to hear you out and learn more about you. If they don’t, consult with someone else.

Someone who views a patient as a partner

These days doctors, don’t just tell their patients what to do but also treat them as an equal partner in their care. A doctor who actively involves a patient in every step of the treatment and every decision that needs to be made is an excellent choice.

Someone who is willing to ask for help

It may seem scary that your doctor would tell you they don’t know everything. But this doesn’t mean they are incompetent, only that they know someone else has better information on diagnostics and treatments. You should trust in their abilities and humility.

Someone available when the need arises

No doctor is available to a single patient 24/7. But a good physician will tell you how you can get in touch with them if and when necessary. You should get a better grasp of your follow up plan, any information about signs and symptoms that you should watch out for, and what you should do when worse things happen.

Most importantly, you should feel comfortable with your doctor, whether they are one of the male or female doctors. This is the only way you will be comfortable to share information that is critical to your care. Find a physician you can trust today from Smart Clinics. For more information, visit their website at:

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What You Need to Know Before You Find an Aged Care Facility for Your Seniors

You will definitely handle various issues throughout the whole experience when you want to help your aging seniors go through the changes in their lives. But you will have peace of mind knowing that your seniors acquire the perfect care from leading aged care providers in your place. With the various Oatlands aged care centres nowadays, it might be a hard task to look for the best aged care business. With right research in addition to the idea from others who have been in the same situation will definitely help you pick the suitable one for your seniors.

Why Assessment Is Crucial

Whether you are trying to find Oatlands aged care or house help, aged care assessment team (ACAT) assessors will definitely see your home to examine the needs of your aging enjoyed ones. They will definitely make a choice if your seniors are certified to get into an Oatlands aged care centre. They will definitely also help you comprehend the degree of aged care your seniors may require along with go over the sorts of options consisted of. This will definitely help you make a notified alternative. If the assessor recognises that your senior sort ones are gotten solutions provided under the Republic House Support Programme, they will absolutely then choose the type of services your senior pleased in ones may get for them to stay living in addition to house in addition to in the place securely.

What If Your Seniors Require Intensive Care

The assessor and your seniors will then discover a company near the location. This is merely perfect if your seniors wants to stay home. If your seniors have intensive aged treatment needs, accessing federal government fended solutions may be the ideal concept for them to either continue to be home or moving right into a Parramatta aged care facility.

Can They Choose Private Centres?

If you choose your seniors to obtain availability to aged treatment services not supported by the Australian federal government, a house help assessment or an ACAT assessment is not anymore needed. If your seniors might call for a greater level of treatment, the Australian federal government also subsidises Westmead aged care homes or retirement homes. Visit us at Arcare


Before choosing, make sure to inform your seniors of their options. They might have their really own choices when it comes to the kind of care they want to acquire. When choosing the sort of services they need, you need to consider your options as a group as well as ensure that your seniors make notified choices. There are scenarios when they may like remaining at house nevertheless if they have actually made complex needs, like dementia or Alzheimer’s for instance, sending them to an aged care centre might be the very best choice. Clearly, you have to assist them to provide as well as understand guarantee that you will definitely be taking a look at them every now and then. If you want to find a Dydalmere aged care facility, you may visit for other information.

April 19, 2018 author

Pavlova: The Magic Dessert of Australia and New Zealand

The success of any event or celebration is dependent on the option of menu, quality and the taste of the food that you serve. In nations like Australia and New Zealand, recipes like the Pavlova have actually been the very first option of almost everyone; be it the middle class or upper class. Inning accordance with historical records, Pavlova was exclusively crafted in the honor of the popular Russian dancer Ballerina Anna Pavlova during her check out to Australia and New Zealand throughout 1920. Since then the pavlova Sunshine Coast has actually become a popular menu in all the parties, events as well as on the menu card of popular hotels and food joints.

pavlova sunshine coast

Taste and Enjoyable Fragrance

Pavlova is popular for its enjoyable fragrance and mouthwatering taste. In addition to this, it is likewise a well-balanced and healthy diet plan. Generally, Pavlova is one of the meringue based desserts which have an abundant topping of whipped white cream and fresh fruits. In order to make the dessert light, now mostly every pavlova Sunshine Coast has today utilizes cream with minimized fat. Some of the food services also use fat complimentary Greek Yogurt and splash it with powdered sugar and Vanilla. The topping of this dessert can be made a few days beforehand then kept in the fridge.

Enhances the Health

For purposes of topping, you can utilize any suitable fruit of your choice. But, in order to boost the elegance of the dessert, normally, every pavlova Sunshine Coast has today uses strawberry and kiwi. Additionally, as you understand, these two fruits are abundant in Vitamin ‘C’, ‘E’, Fiber, Magnesium, and Potassium which cause a favorable impact on your health.

Preparation Technique

Generally, Pavlova is prepared by beating egg whites and heating it to a certain level of consistency. To this, you should add vinegar, caster sugar, cornflour, lemon juice and vanilla essence. In order to bring out special taste and fragrance, some of the popular coffee shops that also serve banana bread slices, petite eclairs, and other high tea desserts have actually introduced particular special modifications both in the basic ingredients and the approach for the preparation of this fantastic dessert. It is stated the changes in the components and the preparation technique has been made so as to make the dessert light and not fatty. For any coffee shop pavlova, it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to prepare Pavlova and another about one hour for the dessert to cool.

64-Meter Long Pavlova

Perhaps, there is no hotel or food joint in Australia and New Zealand where Pavlova does not discover a prominent place in the menu card. Although pavlova and meringue are in need throughout the year, they are very popular during summer and also during the Christmas season. The appeal of this dessert can be effectively highlighted by the reality that in 1999, a 64-meter long Pavlova was crafted to celebrate the very first anniversary of New Zealand’s National Museum.

The Individuality of Australian Pavlova

Interestingly, it is stated that Australian Pavlova recipe is based upon jelly instead of the conventional recipe of egg whites. As already said, this modification might have been affected so as to bring out special taste and fragrance for the Australian variation of pavlova. If you wish to enjoy this mouthwatering dessert, you may go to any of the popular and reputed hotels or food joints like the These hotels and food joints are popular for highlighting Pavlova with special taste and scent and you would take pleasure in every bit of this excellent dessert.

April 19, 2018 author